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Happy Independence Day!

We will be closed on Saturday July 4th and will re-open on Tuesday July 7th. We hope you have a terrific holiday with family and friends.

A Balanced Bike Fit is Key to Optimizing Your Cycling Performance

For every rider, good balance can be achieved by finding the optimal saddle height, adjusting the saddle's horizontal position, achieving a proper reach from the saddle to the handlebars, and optimizing handlebar height relative to saddle height. Some factors that can affect these critical adjustments include a rider's body measurements, age, weight, gender, flexibility, riding history, & chronic ailments.

Grace Bicycles uses the Retül 3D motion capture system and bike fit methodology, the same system adopted by pro teams like Radio Shack and Garmin-Chipotle.

Grace Bicycles owner Roy Cervantes is the only Retül fitter in Massachusetts certified by Retül University.   

At Grace Bicycles, we offer several levels of bike fit:

  • Basic bike fitting with every bicycle purchase
  • Existing bike fit: road, mountain, triathlon, comfort
  • Fitting for a custom bicycle
  • Shoe and cleat fitting

Click here for a PDF of our Bicycle Fitting Services.

Featured Bicycle- Independent Fabrication 

Custom IF Steel Club Racer

After 20,857 miles on his beloved Lemond Alpe D'Huez, D.S. decided that it was time for new bike. Needless to say, after putting that many miles on a bike, it becomes a part of your life. D. didn't know this, but we felt both excited and daunted at the challenge of designing and building the bike that would replace his Lemond. Because D. was going to use this bike in many ways, we decided that I.F.'s Club Racer would fit the bill. We designed the Club Racer to have the responsive handling of a refined stage racing bike, but still be able to take 28C tires, fenders, and a rear rack and light panniers if needed. For serviceability and durability, D. chose Campagnolo Chorus and we built his wheels using DT Swiss 240S hubs mated to Mavic Open Pro rims.

Grace Bicycles custom fit & built Independent Fabrication Club Racer


After two months with his IF, D. emailed, "I continue to enjoy my Club Racer. I have 1150 or so miles on it now. It's comfortable on the slow rides (I led an MIT cycling club ride with someone on a hybrid and finished the ride at 13mph and did a 23 miles 18mph ride after work yesterday. I'm consistently faster this year while still comfortable after 90-100 mile weekends. Thanks again for a great frame and build."

For more photos of this and other IF's we've built, click here.

Riding with Grace

Make Like Aaar-nold In The Winter To Ride Better In The Spring - Cycling is mainly an aerobic and endurance sport but there are plenty of times when power comes into play. Steep hills, starting quickly from a dead stop, staying with a rapidly accelerating group of riders, sprint finishes, all require powerful legs. And, the stronger you are for your body weight, the better you'll be able to do these things. So what's the best way to build power? Weight training. If you follow a lifting program in the winter, you won't believe the power you have in the rest of the season. For exercises, step-ups, lunges, squats, leg extensions, hamstring curls, and toe raises are great for strength gains. But, make sure you receive proper instruction with any machines you use in the gym. And, if you're really serious about your cycling, it's a great idea to consult a professional trainer who can create a program that's right for you.

Cycling Glossary - Word of the Day

The part of the right crankarm to which the chainrings are attached. Some spiders are integral and others can be removed.

Feature Items

Liv Adore 12 - Girl's
Liv Adore 12 - Girl's - 2015

Liv's Adore 12 is small on size and big on fun. She'll pedal the lightweight, durable frame easily down the driveway and through the park. With… [more]

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